Animal Reiki 1&2

Classes are 2 day classes each, usually held one week in succession. The first day we learn Reiki that is associated with that level and the second day we use what we've learned to practice with the animals.

Equine Reiki

Is offered as a 1 day class and is open to any Level 1 or higher practitioner.  To be held at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue in Ramah, CO and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to them. 

Animal Reiki practice

Is offered to all my students monthly. We will go to various horse or rescue facilities or to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, to offer Reiki to the animals living there. Proceeds to go to a predetermined Rescue organization.

Animal Reiki 1

Learning the basics of Reiki, focusing upon starting your own self-practice, hand positions, techniques and rules for working with animals, and practice on animals. Cost $200

Animal Reiki 2

Focusing on the Reiki symbols, mantras and chants, and how to use them in your Reiki practice. Also learning remote or distant healing and sessions with animals. Cost $250

Equine Reiki

Learning how to apply Reiki with horses and letting the horses be your guide. Showing you several methods including chakra balancing and just holidng space and sharing with compassionate presence.  Cost $125

Reiki Shares

Each month I will host a Reiki share to Reiki practitioners of all levels to come and practice sharing Reiki with each other and whatever animals are available. Cost: Love donation

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Reiki Classes


2015 Class Dates:

.Animal Reiki 1:  Feb 15, 22; April 12,19; June 14, 21

Animal Reiki 2  March 15, 22

Equine Reiki:  May 3

 Or if you would like to schedule a private class on weekdays that would be more convenient for you, contact me as I can be arrange classes by appointment, also.

More class dates to be announced later this spring.