Originating in Japan as a spiritual practice by Mikao Usui, Reiki has become a healing art. Through techniques, symbols, mantras, and chants taught by Usui, Reiki is a stress reducing technique using universal energy to help facilitate your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki for People
Accelerated healing of physical injuries, physical conditions or diseases, stress, anxiety, and depression.  Reiki can improve both your energy and mental clarity. Reiki assists the body in cleaning toxins. It helps maintain a sense of well being.

Reiki for Horses
Promotes healing for physical injuries, sickness, anxiety & stress, separation anxiety, PTSD, anger, fear, worry, grief. Reiki supports training and improves behavoral issues. Reiki can help the horse deal with birth, death, and dying.

Reiki for Competitions:
Reiki to the rescue for all those pre-show jitters and nerves for both the rider and for the horse. Nervous before a show? Give a Reiki session a try and see how much better you and your horse can stay focused upon the task at hand.

Reiki for Pets:
Helps facilitate healing for rescued or abused pets. Behavioral issues. Separation anxiety. Increasing trust. Provides comfort after chemo or radiation therapy. Accelerates healing after surgery or illness. Relieves pain and anxiety for terminally ill pets or for crossing over.

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